Important Dates for Admission for AY 2020-21

AY 2020-21, Cycle 1 – July Batch

Round 1

21st April 2020
Admissions Open
Important dates Cycle 1 – July Batch :

  1. Admissions Open for: AY 2020 - July Batch
  2. Last date for change in specialisation: 30th November 2020.
  3. Last date for change in program: 30thNovember 2020.
  4. Last date to submit deficient document/s to SCDL: 31st October 2020.
  5. Last date to apply for dual specialisation: 30th November 2020.
  6. Pay Full Program Fee as per one of the below options, whichever is earlier, on or before 31st October 2020:
    • Option 1: One Instalment: Pay 1st Instalment within 30 days of grant of confirmed admission.
    • Option 2: Two Instalments: Pay 1st Instalment within 15 days of grant of confirmed admission. Pay 2nd Instalment within 60 days of payment of 1st Instalment payment or on or before the last date to pay full fee, whichever is earlier or as informed by SCDL.
  7. Assignment Release : Aug – Sept. 2020
  8. Exams Release : Oct 2020.

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