Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
  • Is SCDL recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)?

    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institute in India. All Management programs offered by SCDL are approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for AY 2020-21.

  • What are the current rankings of Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning?

    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is one of the leading distance learning institutes in the country. Ranked 1st amongst the top Distance Learning Institutes for student learning experience by Career India in 2017, by Careers 360 Rating 2012, 2nd amongst the Leading Institutes, by DNA Indus Learning Survey 2012. Ranked 3rd amongst the Top Distance Learning Institutes - by Competition Success Review. Ranked 8th amongst the Best Distance Learning Institutes - by Outlook.

    In addition, SCDL is winner of the Maharashtra Government's IT Award for Human Resource Development through quality Distance Education and innovative use of ICT.

  • Are the programs offered at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning accepted by the Industry?

    Programs offered by Symbiosis have a very high industry acceptance. In addition, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is an education provider to leading global corporates such Airtel, Bajaj Finance Ltd., Bharti Pvt. Ltd., Cipla, Cognizant, Collabera, Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd., HCL, Hindalco Industries Ltd., IBM, Vodafone, Walmart, Wipro, TATA AIA, EFL Pvt. Ltd., SBI General Insurance, Arvind Ltd. EPIC Research, TAFE Ltd. etc. and many more...

  • What is the scope of ISO 9001:2015 at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning?

    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) is an ISO Certified institution since last 8 years. In 2018, SCDL has been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certificate is awarded to SCDL for successful establishment of "Quality Management System". The certification demonstrates our strong commitment to excellence in providing quality education through open and distance learning mode for the purpose of professional growth and skill development. The ISO certification is reviewed annually.

  • How many students are currently pursuing programs at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning?

    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) has more than One Lac active students enrolled from India and abroad making it one of the most sought after distance learning institutes in India.

  • What are the highlights of the teaching methodology at SCDL?

    At Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, we help you achieve your qualification without restrictions-, at your time, place and pace. The highlight of the program is our dynamic study material, online mode of study, and experienced industry experts as guest lecturers and tutors. The teaching methodology at SCDL includes:

    • Study Material: Learning material books, specially designed for distant learners and authored by renowned faculty are provided for every subject of each semester in every student login in e-books format.
    • E-Learning modules: e-Learning, a pioneering initiative by SCDL provides interactive learning experiences on key concepts of the curriculum.
    • E-Mentoring: : e-Mentoring involves giving academic support necessary for distant learners via e-mail.
    • Online Classroom Sessions: Online classroom sessions are conducted for all courses throughout the year. In Virtual Classroom environment students are able to attend a live online classroom and interact with an expert faculty via internet. Students can ask questions, have interaction and even replay an archived lecture.
Academics Related Questions
  • Are programs approved by any Government Body?
    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institute in India. Management programs (refer program list on website) offered by SCDL are approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for AY 2020-21.
  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning has a portfolio of programs, how do I choose the right one for me?

    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning offers an excellent range of programs across industry sectors, these include: Business Management, International Business, Banking and Financial Services, IT, Data Science, Project Mgmt., Energy Mgmt., Labour Laws, SCM, Customer Relationship Mgmt., Insurance Business Mgmt., Business and Corporate Laws, college administration, Design Thinking, School Counselling, Education Administration and Entrepreneurship Development and many more.

    We strongly recommend you visit our Program Selection guide, which will help you with the selection of the program basis your work experience and academic qualifications.

  • What are the learning methods at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning?

    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning has a blended approach to student learning with a combination of - traditional and e-books (Program specific), e-learning and faculty interaction. Tutors use online chats and online classrooms to stimulate discussions. These sessions allow students to interact with faculty and clear their doubts immediately.
    'Symbiosis World Campus' - a powerful web portal, forms the centre of learning with facilities like - Assignment Submission, Computer-Based Examination, Message Boards and E-Mentoring etc.

  • What is the background of tutors who mentor us for the program?

    Teaching staff are drawn from academic and industry backgrounds. The teaching incorporates all the latest developments in business. The teaching staffs ensure they address the challenge of putting theory into practice. This ensures that what you learn at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is always current and up-to-date.

  • How can I interact with the tutors?

    You can interact with the tutors via online classrooms, via online faculty chat sessions and at the Personal Contact Sessions conducted at Pune.

  • How often are the online classes conducted?

    Online Classes are conducted on a daily basis. Refer the Online Class schedule given in student login.

  • Does SCDL conduct contact classes in specific cities?

    Yes, SCDL conducts Personal Contact Programs at Pune. The PCP's are conducted with an objective to provide students with an understanding of the core and specialisation subjects and discuss the assessment standards of the institution. We strongly recommend students to attend the PCP's, keep visiting the SCDL website to know the PCP schedule.

Admissions Related Questions
  • When during the year does the program begin?
    The program at SCDL begins in July each year.
  • Can I speak to an admissions counsellor or get personalised counselling?
    Yes, you can speak or chat online to an admission counsellor or get personalised counselling at SCDL Campus at Pune or via Online Counselling on the website.
  • What is the Eligibility Criteria?

    The Eligibility Criteria for the two year and one year Post Graduate Diploma is, Bachelor’s degree holder or Graduates in any discipline from a recognized University. However, students are strongly recommended to check on the website, the eligibility criteria in detail for the desired program.

  • Where can I purchase the Application Form?
    Applicants have to purchase the Application Form:
    • From SCDL Campus at Pune for Rs 1200/-. Or
    • Online from the SCDL website for RS 1200/-. ONLY
    • Note: International / SAARC students have to purchase the application form online (ONLY) for USD 100 or equivalent Rs 7,200/-.
  • What is the Admission Process?
    Step 1: Purchase application form from SCDL Pune Campus & online through

    Step 2:Submit duly filled form along with below mentioned documents, at SCDL Pune Campus.
    • Two coloured passport size recent photographs. Side facing and selfie photos not accepted.
    • Photo Identity proof, clear copy (Passport, Driving Licence, PAN / Adhar / Election Card.)
    • Photocopy of XII Standard and Bachelor’s degree / Graduation Provisional or Passing Certificate, duly self-attested or attested by Class One Gazette Officer as per the applicable eligibility for the applied program. Self-Attested or photocopy of attested document shall be accepted due to pandemic Covid-19 lockdown.
    • Defence Category applicants to attach below documents as applicable:
    • For Defence Personnel (Self) who is,
    • Actively Serving: Active service certificate issued by competent authority or CO Unit.
    • Ex-servicemen: Photo copy of Discharge book

    • For Dependents of Defence Personnel who is
    • Actively Serving: Photo copy of either extract of Part II Order or Dependent letter from CO Unit or Dependent Card.
    • Ex-servicemen: Photo copy of either Discharge book or Family details certificate issued by Services Headquarters or extract of part II order of unit or Record office.

    • Name Change document (if applicable).
    • DCWE and DELT program applicant - Photocopy of Standard XII mark sheet duly attested by Class One Gazette officer or notarized by a Notary.
    • International/SAARC students, copy of passport page showing valid visa of foreign country.
    • Students those who have completed his/her graduation from out of India have to submit a recognition letter from Association of Indian Universities (AIU).
    Prerequisite: Students are strongly recommended to check on the website, the eligibility criteria in detail for the desired program
    Note: SCDL reserves the right to ask for additional documents if necessary, to verify academic qualification of student. Student is liable to submit the required documents within the specified timeline prescribed by SCDL.
  • What do you mean by attestation of documents / certificates by a Gazette Officer or a Notary?
    • Attestation of copies of documents/certificates: It means that on the photocopy of your academic document/certificates there should be a sign of a class one gazette officer or a notary official with their clear official seal and signatures stating that the photocopies are verified and are certified true copies of the original academic documents / certificates.

      Gazetted Officer: An officer or public servant, who is appointed under the seal of the governor of the concerned state or by the president of India at national level, requires being listed in the Indian gazette or state government gazette is to be considered a gazette officer. Gazette officer is an officer in Indian government service whose signature is required for attesting certificate copies and photographs of a person. (Gazetted Officers in India Click Here)

      Notary: A Notary public is a legally authorized individual who can administer oaths and witness and authenticate documents. A Notary public simply watches you sign the documents/certificates (you must do it in their presence), checks your identification and then signs and stamps the document with an official "seal", showing that they have witnessed your signature and verified you’re ID and documents/certificates.

      Note: Submission of proper documents as per policies in the prescribed format within the timelines specified by SCDL, for confirmation of admission, is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Can I submit my original certificate to SCDL pune Campus for verification of my documents?
      SCDL is not liable for return/loss of original documents sent by students.
      However, students seeking walk-in admission in person at SCDL pune Campus may submit self-attested copies of documents, provided the students should sign the photocopy and produce in person the original certificate for verification to the SCDL Competent authority at SCDL Pune Campus.
  • My Degree Certificate is pending, can I submit the internet result copy declared by the University on the website, and would you consider my application?
    • We require photocopy of bachelor’s degree or graduation completion related documents that is either the Provisional certificate OR the Bachelor’s Degree certificate. Any one.
      Your application may be considered if the bachelor’s degree is awaited and your graduation related mark sheets are internet print out, provided you get the internet result copy duly attested from your respective college principal/registrar only, with their clear official seal and signatures. However, you would be required to submit the required bachelor’s degree or graduation completion related documents within the timeline specified by SCDL to get confirmed admission. Submission of proper documents as per policies, in the prescribed format within the timelines specified by SCDL, for confirmation of admission, is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • What is Provisional Admission?
    Provisional Admission is granted, in following cases:
    • Recent 2 coloured passport size photographs are not attached.
    • Academic document photocopy is not attested or is attested in local language which is not readable.
    • Photo identity proof is not attached or attached photocopy is not clear.
    • Defence category proof: service certificate / Discharge book / Dependent certificate (if any) is not, attached / attested / correct.
    • Visa/Passport copy (for International / SAARC students) is either not enclosed / is expired.
    • Name change doc. copy is either not enclosed/clear /is in local language & is not readable.
    • Application form not signed. Inadequate document / application form / attestation is not clear.
    Submission of proper documents as per policies, within the timelines as specified by SCDL, for confirmation of admission, is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • What will be my admission date? When do I receive the Admission Letter / ID card and Study Material?
    • Your admission date is the date when you are given admission to the applied program. You are informed the status of your application form by email on the date of your admission. Student who fulfils all the admission related eligibility criteria as per SCDL policies get Confirmed Admission and ID Card. Student admitted on Provisional basis do not receive any ID card until the admission is confirmed. Your Admission Letter / ID card will be dispatched to you within 10 days from the date of processing of your application form. And Study Material is dispatched within 4-5 days after you pay the complete program fee as per policies and timelines informed by SCDL.
  • How do I decide my admission category?
    Student have to select applicable category as explained below:
    • GENERAL CATEGORY:Students, who have completed their education in India and would like to take their examination from India and avail all services in India, will be considered under General Category.
    • DEFENCE / PARAMILITARY / POLICE CATEGORY: Special fee concession is given to Retired & actively serving Defence Personnel (Army, Navy and Air Force) and Paramilitary/ Police Personnel and their dependents, as a token of appreciation and recognition of their services to our nation.
    • INTERNATIONAL CATEGORY:International students are those who hold the passport issued by a foreign country, including people of Indian origin (NRIs) who have acquired the nationality of a foreign country.
    • SAARC CATEGORY:The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is an organisation of South Asian nations of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Students, holding passport issued by a SAARC country (except India), including people of Indian origin (NRI’s) who have acquired the nationality of a SAARC country will be considered under SAARC category.
      Students holding Indian passport but residing in SAARC/ International Country, at the time of applying for admission irrespective of the duration of their stay and having valid visas will also be considered under SAARC/ International country students.
    Students holding Indian passport but residing in SAARC/ International Country, at the time of applying for admission irrespective of the duration of their stay and having valid visas will also be considered under SAARC/ International country students.
  • Can I apply for category change from International/SAARC to General or vice versa?
    • Yes, you can apply for change of category from International/SAARC to General but there will be no refund of the paid program fees.
    • And in case you want to change category from General to International/SAARC, you will have to pay the difference in the program fees in INR or USD (as per prescribed exchange rate) and submit the photocopies of valid visa and address proof.
  • When will I be able to access my Student Services and Learning facilities?
    • Students will be able to avail, Student Services and Learning facilities like: Online Classes, Online query solving with Faculty, E-Library and E-Learning, Assignments, Personal Contact Programs and booking for Computer Based Examinations in their student login, only after their admission is CONFIRMED and they have paid the FULL FEE of the enrolled program.
  • How and when can I apply for cancellation of admission? Will I get refund of fee?
    • Students desiring to cancel their admission need to submit an application for cancellation of admission (Application for Refund of Program Fees) only in the prescribed format, available in the student login on SCDL website, within the due date specified in the prospectus.
    • Students will receive only the refund for program fees paid by them after the deduction of Rs. 1000/- administrative charges, on the paid amount. Application form fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Refund application will be processed only after the student return to SCDL, the self-learning material, confirmation/provisional letter, ID card or any other SCDL material that the student has in his/her custody. In case the study material and/or ID card are not returned to SCDL on or before the prescribed deadline. Rs 1000/- and Rs 200/-[for General and Defence/ Paramilitary/Police category], USD 60 and USD 35 (for International category) & USD 52 and USD 25 (for SAARC category) will be deducted from the refunded amount for Study Material and ID card respectively.
    • Any application for refund of program fees received after the due date for the enrolled program will not be accepted.
  • When is my admission liable to get cancelled? Will I get refund of fees paid?
    • It is the sole responsibility of the student to pay all prescribed fees as per the timelines mentioned in the prospectus for the program in which he/she has enrolled. If a student fails to pay the fees as per the timelines, then in such a case, his/her admission shall stand cancelled.
    • In case of students enrolled on a provisional basis, if the documents required for the purpose of eligibility are not submitted on or before August 10, 2020 or if submitted with deficiencies (i.e. not in the manner prescribed) and the deficiencies are not made good on or before August 10, 2020 or within 15 days of communication to that effect, whichever is later, then his/her admission shall stand cancelled.
    • In an event of not completing the program within the time / validity period specified by SCDL, the student login shall be locked and admission shall stand cancelled.
    • In all the cases as mentioned above the student is not entitled to any refund of paid fees.
Fees Related Questions

The mode of payment of fee is given below:

  • ONLINE: Students can pay application form fees, program fees and all exam fees online.
  • DEMAND DRAFT: Students can pay fees via a Demand Draft (DD) drawn in the favour of “The Director, SCDL, Pune” payable at Pune. All DDs should be sent by Post/Courier to SCDL, Pune only. Student must mention their name, registration number, contact number, program enrolled and type of fees being remitted on the reverse side of the Demand Draft using ball-pen only. Students must retain a photocopy of the Demand Draft sent to SCDL. SCDL will not be responsible for lost/delayed/unidentified DDs. SCDL is not liable for loss of financial instruments in transit or for unidentified financial instruments, i.e. without sender’s details or reason of fee remittance on the reverse of the DD. Cash must not be sent to SCDL by Post/Courier. SCDL will not be responsible for depositing of any DD which is not payable in Pune or cash sent by post/courier. Payments made via cheques and or any co-operative banks DD are not accepted.
International/SAARC students: Such students must remit all fees in USD or INR equivalent, as prescribed by SCDL. The exchange rate applicable will be Rs 72/- against 1 USD for the current academic year.

We currently do not have any scholarships.

Evaluation Methodology Questions
  • What is the evaluation methods used for the program?

    Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning has a Dynamic Assessment System, Participants decide the time, place and pace of the exam! Huge advantage for working professionals allowing them to prioritise their professional and learning needs.
    Each subject usually comprises of an Assignment and Computer based Examination. The assignment is available in the student login and can be completed as per the respective semester schedule. The examinations include a combination of objective and subjective element. Examinations are conducted at designated exam centers across the country. Students are required to book their slots as per their time and pace, hence named On Demand.

  • Section A - Assignments:
  • When are assignments scheduled?
    Assignments are released from second month of each semester. Students get access to assignments on payment of the full fee. .
  • What if I fail in my assignment? Can I retake?

    Yes, you can retake the assignments. Please note that you would be required to pay in case you appear for more than 2 attempts for a particular subject, No improvements are allowed

  • What types of questions are expected in an Assignment?

    The assignments follows the objective question style with sections on True or False; match the Following; Multiple Choice; Select the Right Option; Fill in the blanks.

  • When are the assignment results declared?

    The assignments get evaluated immediately. You can see your assignment result soon after you finish the assignment. You are requested to take the Print of the score card for future reference. The score will get updated within 24 hours in your Performance Sheet in Student Centre Login.

  • What are minimum pass marks for assignments?
    The minimum pass marks for the assignments 50%.
  • Section B - On Demand Exams:
  • Do I have to pay exam fee?

    Yes, you are required to pay exam fees per exam per attempt separately. Exam Fee is not a part of Program Fee.

  • Where and when can I appear for these exams?

    Examinations are released in the 3rd month of each semester and the link for the same is available in the student login. You can appear for the examinations at designated exam centers. Please refer to the student login for the detailed list. The highlight of your study with SCDL is on demand examinations, which means you can book your examination slot as per your time convenience. The exam booking can be done through the student login.

  • What if I fail in my exam? Can I retake?
    Yes you can retake the exam. The examination fees are applicable for the retake subjects.
  • When are the results declared for the examinations?
    The results are declared on the 10th of every month. A consolidation of the results is available in the student login for your reference.
  • Would I get mark sheet per semester?
    Yes, students can print the mark sheet from their respective student centre login.
Miscellaneous Questions
  • Does Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning Offer Placements on completion of the programmes?

    Yes, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning offers placement assistance to the students. SCDL has received an overwhelming response from the industry for recruitments. For details on placements, Click Here

  • Do students form a part of an Alumni Association on completion of the programs?
    Yes, students form a part of the Alumni Association
  • What are the minimum system requirements for the online mode of study?
    • Minimum internet speed required is 712 Kbps or above.
    • Flash player of version 10.0 or above.(Download the flash player from this link Click Here ).
    • Recommended 1GB of RAM or above.
    • Processor type: Intel Dual Core processor or above.
    • Internet browser: IE version 8.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
    • OS requirement: Windows XP with service Pack 3,Windows7 & 8.
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