Sustaining and Enhancing the Quality of ODL

Volume One
    • Symbiosis International Research Journal on Open & Distance Learning with ISSN Number Click Here new
    • Cover Page Click Here
    • Index Page Click Here
    • Paper-1 Revamping Distance Learning in India Issues and Challenges Click Here
    • Paper-2 Utilization of Ideas Discovered in Academic Conference as a Key to Good Governance in Open and Distance Education in Nigeria Click Here
    • Paper-3 Current Status of Employability of Online Higher Education in India Click Here
    • Paper-4 Enhancing Quality in Distance Education Click Here
    • Paper-5 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Empowering Value Addition in the Field of Distance Education Click Here
    • Paper-6 A Critical Investigation of Scope Opportunities and Challenges in Online Distance Learning Education Click Here
    • Paper-7 Implications of Blended Learning in Distance Education with Special Reference to Virtual Learning Environment Click Here

Volume - 1 Issue - 2
    • Cover Page Click Here
    • Index Page Click Here
    • Paper-1 ODL Learner Support Issues and Challenges – Students and Tutors perspective (Solomon Islands National University)
      Click Here
    • Paper-2 Empowerment of Women through ODL - NIOS a Case Study Click Here
    • Paper-3 Continuous Engagement and Evaluationof a learner in ODL Click Here
    • Paper-4 Facilitating visually impaired learners of Mathematics in ODL Click Here
    • Paper-5 Quality Enhancement in Assessment Practices in Distance Learning: Context, Concerns and Challenges Click Here
    • Paper-6 Empowerment through Research: a KKHSOU perspective Click Here
    • Paper-7 A new outlook to Inclusive Education Click Here

Volume - 2 Issue - 1
  • 1. Contemporary Issues In Open and Distance Education (ODE)
    • Paper-1 Mitra - the Adolescent Friendly Centre Outreaching the Open School Learners for Developing Potential through Life Skills Education Click Here
    • Paper-2 Quality Improvement in Open and Distance Education Institutes Click Here
    • Paper-3 Critical Evaluation of Competency Mapping for Teachers in Traditional and ODL Environment Click Here
    2. Ethics in ODE
    • Paper-1 Collaboration and Networking in Open Schooling towards Reaching to the Unreached Click Here
    3. Digitally Enabled ODE
    • Paper-1 E-Storytelling for the Foreign Language Learning Click Here
    • Paper-2 Affective Learning - Digital Badges for Online Division Learning Sustainability Click Here
    • Paper-3 Tool for Evaluating Learning in an Open and Distance Learning Environment Click Here
    4. Teaching- Learning Methodologies in ODE
    • Paper-1 Implementation of Experiential Learning in Virtual Mode in an Undergraduate Program of Engineering Technology Click Here

Volume - 2 Issue - 2
  • 1. Multi-media in E-learning
    • Paper-1 Study on Opportunities and Challenges of E-Learning System: Management Students’ Perspective in Pune city
      Click Here
    • Paper-2 Increasing Trends in E Learning : An Author’s Perspective Click Here
    2. Digital Classroom
    • Paper-3 Sustaining and Enhancing the Quality of ODL Click Here
    3.Vocational and Technology Education
    • Paper-4 Role of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Sustaining and Enhancing the Quality of Education Click Here
    4. Use of Open Education Resources in ODE
    • Paper-5 Use of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Learning Management Systems for Open and Distance Learning to reach the Masses in India: A Step towards Sustainable Education Initiative Click Here
    • Paper-6 Use of Technology in Distance Education – A Bibliographic Study Click Here

Academic Research Forum

Departmental Research Projects
    • A study on ‘Faculty Training initiatives in Open and Distance Learning’ by ODL institutes in India.
    • Competency Mapping for Teachers in Traditional And ODL Environment.
    • To study the efficacy of ODL as a tool for women employability in Pune.

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